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OIT Policies

St. John Fisher College makes its technology and electronic resources available to best support the needs of the Fisher community. This requires that we develop and implement policies that protect the College’s technology and electronic resources from abuse or illegal activity.

This page provides a compilation of policies currently in place.

» Academic Computing Lab Rules

Lab policies on general use, computer and email accounts, user responsibilities, and printing.

» Appropriate Use and Privacy Policy

The College expects all members of the St. John Fisher College community to use computing and information technology resources in a responsible manner and to respect the public trust through which these resources have been provided, the rights and privacy of others, the integrity of facilities and controls, and all pertinent laws and College policies and standards.

» Email Policy [pdf]

St. John Fisher College requires the use of email by the campus community to share information and knowledge in support of the College's mission and to conduct the College's business. To this end, the College supports and provides email services and facilities.

» Peer to Peer (P2P) File Sharing and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Copying, distributing, and downloading copyrighted materials, including music, videos, and games, for which you do not have the owner's (copyright holder's) permission is a violation of federal law. St. John Fisher College does not condone the illegal downloading of music, movies, software, and any other online data protected by copyrights from campus resources, including computing labs and the wired and wireless campus network.

The DMCA policy describes St. John Fisher College's policies on infringement of Intellectual Property Rights. Under the DMCA it is the responsibility of OIT to respond to and investigate all copyright infringement claims submitted to the College by the Recording Industry Association of America, etc. If caught downloading music on campus, you could face removal of network privileges and other academic related consequences.

» Res Hall Network Connection Policy

Personal computers and gaming devices must conform to this policy when connecting to the Fisher network.

» Student Lab Printing Policy [pdf]

St. John Fisher College provides printing capabilities in Student Labs on campus. In a continuing effort to promote sustainability initiatives, this policy has been developed with the intent to reduce the amount of wasted paper in Student Labs.

» Verification of Student Identity in Online Programs [pdf]

In order to assist students in understanding their legal and ethical responsibilities as online participants in the academic community, and in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act, specifically Public Law 110-35, St. John Fisher College has developed the linked policies and procedures.

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