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Accessible Software/Workstations

Software and hardware support for all students

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All students, faculty, and staff members will receive a network account, which provides access to email, network storage space for personal and web storage, and/or Blackboard.

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Accounts - Guests

Computer logon information

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Adding a mailbox to MS Outlook

A document helping to add another mailbox to Outlook 2010.

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Adding Delegates

Assigning delegates to your calendar and setting up delegate permissions Outlook.

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Atomic Learning Online Tutorials

An online training tool, Atomic Learning is available to faculty, staff, and students. Atomic Learning is a video-based learning tool that breaks technology training down into short videos that run about 2 to 3 minutes each.

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Banner is a comprehensive application suite that consists of web based software applications.

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BitLocker To Go - Windows 7

Protect sensitive data stored on USB drives

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Cell Phones or Smart Phones

For certain positions at the college a cell phone or Blackberry is required for the individual to complete her/ his job. SJFC provides these individuals with a cell phone or Blackberry that is paid for by the college.

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Clean up your mailbox

Is your mailbox full? Learn what you can do to clean up and clear out your inbox.

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Clearing Your Email Cache - Entourage (Mac)

Having issues receiving email using Entourage? Learn how to clear your cache.

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Computer Labs

Campus computing labs are open to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff.

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Computer Replacement/Upgrade Process

OIT manages the replacement and upgrade of all laptops and desktop computers owned by SJFC.

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Configuring Spam Quarantine - Faculty/Staff

Waiting for an email message? Learn how to choose different options for email message delivery.

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Connect to wireless (WiFi) on campus

Can't connect to SJFC network? Need help logging on to our wireless network, step by step instructions.

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Creating Network Folder Shortcuts

This document will help you to create a shortcut that will allow you to access specific network folders right from you desktop.

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OIT provides SJFC email accounts to all students, faculty, and staff.

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Emergency Notification System

Emergency Notification System powered by Rave Mobile Safety.

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Employee Discounts for Faculty and Staff

OIT provides academic software licenses and discounts on purchases for personal use for all current staff, and current and emeritus faculty.

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Establishing a VPN connection to the SJFC network

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network connection that provides faculty and staff access to the SJFC network.

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Faculty, Staff Support

OIT provides technical support to faculty and staff offices, including hardware, software, printing, and peripheral devices (including scanners, etc.).

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Fish 'R' Net

Links to Registrar, Payroll, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid websites

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Forwarding SJFC Email - Faculty/Staff

Need to forward your email to another address?

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Google Apps for Faculty and Staff

SJFC Google Business account provides faculty and staff access to several Google applications such as Google Drive, Google Documents, and Google Sites.

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Information Security

What is your role in securing private information at SJFC?

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Media Services

The Media Center provides support...

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Mobile Device Access Using Exchange Active Sync Settings- Faculty/Staff

Use the settings to set up your Email client on your mobile device.

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OIT Service Desk

The OIT Service Desk is available to assist you with your technology questions.

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Online Archive Email Feature

Archiving messages essentially moves older items that are important but not frequently used.

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Opting Out of Club Mailing Lists - Faculty/Staff & Students

Choose which club emails you want to receive.

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OIT supports printing in all labs on campus

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Recycling Electronics

OIT contracts a licensed and certified electronics recycler to recycle all old equipment.

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Remote Assistance

OIT provides Remote Assistance by using PC Anywhere

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Remote Desktop

SJFC provides faculty and staff the ability to access from remote locations (i.e. home, when traveling) the SJFC network and their own office desktop computer via two services, Remote Access (VPN) and Remote Desktop (RDP).

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Reset Passwords

Locked out, need to reset your password(s)...

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Reset Your Banner Password

Instructions on how to change your Banner password.

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Setting a Default Printer

This document walks you through setting a specific printer as the default printer on your computer for Windows XP and Windows 7.

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SJFC Mobile App

The St. John Fisher College mobile application acts as a central location to view information for students, parents, faculty, staff and guests for their mobile devices.

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OIT provides telephone services across the campus.

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The OIT department offers technology training classes throughout the year. A full schedule of all training sessions is published via email and on the OIT website.

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Webmail - Faculty/Staff

Outlook Web App (OWA) allows you to access your SJFC email account through the Internet.

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OIT Services:

Service Desk

The OIT Service Desk is your front door for technology support on campus.

Media Services

The Media Services group offers faculty and staff technical support for technology-enhanced classrooms (ITECs), special events, and services such as class recording and podcasting .

Technology Training

OIT offers online, classroom-based, and one-on-one training for Fisher faculty and staff.

Getting Started

Technology Overview for New Faculty & Staff Orientation [pdf]
Software, Hardware, & Vendor Recommendations/Discounts

Software Downloads

Anti-Virus Solution

Note for ALL Anti-Virus Packages: Please uninstall any anti-virus programs (including ours) BEFORE you install these new ones.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0 32 bit
Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0 64 bit
Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0 Mac

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